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Your Eulogy's Been Read... - twofortragedy89
Your Eulogy's Been Read...
The cold air touches my face and I let out a wretched scream. A scream so tortured that It rips my body into shreds. My internal organs are displayed on the floor for you to see. My, what beautiful red ribbons they make. I wish you were standing in front of me at this moment. You would agree with me that these instruments needed to sustain life are elegant. I would then tie the red ribbons in your hair, oh how lovely you would look. And I'd say to you, “Dear, you have never looked lovelier." Our eyes will then meet, the ocean colored eyes violently colliding into one another's, and everything shall be relived through that one stare. Every emotion you and I have experienced, individually and together, will be exposed through these two sets of eyes, the windows to the human soul. Fate has bound us together.

Where and when will our journey begin? The story of the torn, the humiliated, the selfish, the innocent, the guilty, the adulterers, the addicted, has yet to be told from the mouth of a just "God." Let us begin to unmask the veil that holds this world in its habitual orbit around the sun, and find the true meaning of what it actually means to be alive and love.
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