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Light A Candle; Say a Prayer. - twofortragedy89
Light A Candle; Say a Prayer.

 i had this weekend off from work. it was nice. i need a longer break from it, though. that job is too stressful and i do not get paid enough to deal with all the shit i have to on a daily basis.  It is ridiculous. 

i aquired another stalker at subway. *sigh* maybe i should just hire my own personal police force to protect me from the creeps. mhmm.

Sunday i spent the entire day with bari. it was wonderful, magnificent, beautiful. So much fun was had. At the theaters she schooled me in air hockey. i lost four times to her. safe to say she is the reigning champion of that game. punk. haha. i love that girl so much. when i see her my heart skips beats, when she smiles my soul is uplifted. She makes me happy. I hope that i can give her just as much happiness as she has given me. All the things that never were are- because of her. she is amazing.  =D <333

eh, routine. tests. "studying." h/w. etc. its getting better. im trying more.  when i put forth a pinch of effort i get pretty good results in my classes. my teachers have noticed the change in me and are somewhat bewildered. haha. whatev. It helps to talk to them on a one on one level. you get more brownie points with them that way. plus if you give them their fav food that also works in your favor as well. 

more later.

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