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Would You Meet Me. I Would Meet You. - twofortragedy89
Would You Meet Me. I Would Meet You.

And I'll try to sleep
To keep you in my dreams...
I'll try to sleep
And when I do I'll keep you in my... dreams

 i've been molded into this state. my brain is nothing more than faulty wiring. im sinking to the bottom of my everything that freaks me out. im cold as cold can be. 

i had everything i could have ever needed/wanted with her. just to be near her was amazing. I love the way she smelled. it was intoxicating. i simply got high off of the way she smelled. i devoted my entire self to bari. I fell so fucking hard. and now She wont even glance at me. She doesnt even acknowledge my existance. how can She do this to me? i fail to see how any of this is for the best. Her words: " you understand nothing. this is for the best." haha. oh my. it's the best way for me to go insane. congratulations m'dear. "i never knew you til you left me with the crying disease." i hate to wake up in the mornings. i always wake up to this empty feeling. half of me is dead. ive lost my best friend. this sucks so much. i lost her within the blink of an eye for no reason at all. 

Bari's Words: she hates me b/c i exist. she never meant all the times she told me "i love you" 

iloveher.shelovesmenot.iloveher.shelovesmenot. "will you say you never loved me just to put it in my face?" - blue october. 

the best way i can describe myself now is Dead. 


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