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NOTE: Legitimate nice guys/girls won't ask you for anything or sulk
when you find a boyfriend/girlfriend and it isn't them.

Friends are friends, plain and simple.

Nice Kids DO exist.

It's a shame that people get hurt everyday because they like someone.But everyone you come across is not your soulmate and might not even find themselves attracted to you as strongly as you are to them.

When someone gives you the impression that they want to be with
you, let them prove it and accept it only if they make effort and are
decent people. Make effort on your part also, because nothing good
comes without sacrifice.

If you waste your time trying to change careless, egocentric folks
that will never see you as their equal or see your honest intentions,
you can expect yourself to have your feelings trampled on, along with your heart.

Good Luck.
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A star up in the sky a poem to the dead

drain out my lungs before the fluid makes a choke

this is me ---> =D!! :D!! XD!! =3!!

reason: B + A = Together!!!

oh yeah. <333
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Poetry time. yay!

Neverending swirling mass of colours etch
Upon the ground a destructive force
Mute mouths, hands, eyes closed,
Behind the curtains
Scenes intertwine line by line
Thoughts unread
As if SCREAMING to be heard
Red petals burst forth from these tortured minds

~ le end. ^_^

Current Mood: moody RAWR

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we are simply invincible together! <3

Our little adventure in the woods led to camera whoring ourselves and the trees. bwa haha.

im feirce!!! rawr.
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-Your beauty cascaded on me
In this white night fantasy-

Who said it was easy to look you in the face
And give you away to another's embrace
Forever tattered and torn
i lie in wait
for a romance
i cant express
with m'dear julia
its 3 am and the hunt
has already begun
My heart fighting a civil war
too continue inside my chest
Who said it was easy to look you in the face
And give you away to another's embrace
I came to see you before the wedding
Instead i met you in a casket
intertwined with death's loving Grasp
The sorrow i couldnt take
i searched your lips for an answer.....in vain
With this vial of poison i vowed to regain
that which had been lost
The price of love comes at such high cost
Casualties far-outweigh universal truths
My sweet Julia i love you
forgive my mistakes
Your starcross'd Romiette

Current Mood: worried torn
Current Music: Nightwish - Nemo

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